Tets (Tetsuo) Yamagishi

I am writing this letter to wholeheartedly recommend Transparent FM for their exceptional services in managing and maintaining buildings.

Having had the privilege of working with Transparent FM for some time now, I can attest to their sincere dedication to providing genuine care and professionalism to their clients. Their team of experts is well-equipped to handle any building management issues and always goes above and beyond to ensure that their clients’ needs are met in the most efficient and effective way possible.

What sets Transparent FM apart from other management companies is their commitment to personalized service. They are passionate about each client’s unique needs and tailor their services accordingly. This approach ensures that their clients receive the highest level of service and care.

Furthermore, their proactive approach to building maintenance and management has helped to prevent many problems before they become major issues. This approach saves clients both time and money and ensures that their buildings are always in excellent condition.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Transparent FM for their exceptional services, genuine care, and professionalism. They are truly an asset to any building they manage, and I have no doubt that they will continue to excel in their field.

Keith Reay (Chairperson)

By way of background, completed in 1996, Herbert Towers is a single strata plan comprising of 156
residential units split across two separate buildings, with shared facilities including gym, pool, spa,
sauna, visitor parking, rented reserved parking.

In terms of central infrastructure we have CO2 monitoring, 4 lifts (13 floor stops), MDF, Fire
Systems, Security access systems, Booster Pumps, Heating/Boilers, gardens and BBQ facilities
amongst other common property which comes under the responsibility of the Building Manager.
The Building Manager is also responsible for the daily monitoring of work carried out by the 3rd
party outsourced cleaning team.

TFM has provided Building Management services to Herbert Towers since 2016.

When TFM first came onboard at Herbert Towers, it was on the basis of providing us with a Part Time on‐site Building Manager and 24/7 emergency out of hours support. The contract with TFM was expanded into a Full Time on‐site Building Manager role as we could see the benefit TFM brought to the management of our building and their ability to work with contractors to get efficiencies in terms of timing and costs, and with residents in terms of clear timely and proactive communication.

Michael and therefore by extension TFM and the team of Building Managers are a highly professional and process driven.

TFM have implemented a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Plan, Daily inspections, and resident reporting procedures. TFM was instrumental in the introduction of our Building Management System (Building Link), which has given us the ability to better control spend, spot trends, and maintain visibility on the maintenance issues to resolve and planned works ahead.

As a Strata Committee, we receive monthly Building Management reports, and also have access to a mobile app which gives us access to minute‐by‐minute Building Manager shift notes, visibility on all work orders including pictures, quotes, invoices, and progress updates.

Initially TFM worked with our existing contractors, to ensure continuity of service, and TFM had worked with many of those contractors in previous buildings.

Over time, TFM have made recommendations to the Strata Committee regarding alternative
contractors for our consideration where TFMs industry experience led them to believe we were not getting either best service or best value for money. The knowledge TFM is able to bring to our building in terms of potential suppliers from their experiences in other buildings around Sydney over many years has been invaluable, and it is only with TFMs help that we have been able to build a network of regular contractors who we currently feel are working in our best interest.

The relationship the Strata Committee have with TFM is a close one. We consider them an integral part of the team. They collaborate with us fully in a way that previous Building Management has not. Building Management is actively involved in Strata Committee Meetings, Projects, Major Works and the annual Budgeting process.

TFM were instrumental in assisting the building navigate the COVID lock downs in terms of
providing timely communication and monitoring of resident compliance during what was a
challenging period for all concerned. This also required the careful management of contractors and guests to the building. TFM is proactive in terms of responding to committee requests and actively monitors and deals with resident by‐law infringements.

Since TFM took over, by using effective resident communication, we have had no issues with
residents parking in visitor spaces (a common issue in strata’s), our reserved parking spaces are rented out out at +90% occupancy which brings valuable income into the SC Admin Budget, and our last AFSS inspection had 100% residential compliance for unit inspections without any revisits being required.
In addition, residents receive timely communication on potential noise disruptions in relation to renovations and building works, and scheduled works such as pest control etc via both email, emergency text message broadcast and lobby display screens.

I hope the information above gives you a ‘flavour’ of what it is like having TFM as Building
Managers, and I am happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Vicki Burden (Secretary)

I have been dabbling in investment properties (Australia wide) for many years, and without hesitation I can say that TFM are the best. Michael is dedicated to his business as you would expect, but his knack for picking really great employees is a gift. We have had two amazing Building Managers over the last 6 years and could not be happier with their performance. Our current BM even comes to strata meetings on his day off!! He is always well prepared with photographic documentation, to show us & discuss what has been happening in the building.

In general, the day to running of the building is taken care of and we (the committee) don’t have to worry. Specifically, other issues we are dealing with, or have dealt with recently, include………..

  • Proposed sale of the building
  • A fire order
  • Major plumbing issues
  • Refurbishment of carpet, tiles, exterior lighting and paintwork throughout
  • Spalling hazards on the outside of building
  • Installation of a new lift & intercom system

In amongst the above list we changed strata companies 2 years ago, and Adrian has just seamlessly made the transition, dealing with new,  very disorganised strata managers,  in his usual calm, non-judgemental and helpful manner.

When we need advice on issues (such as choosing a new strata managing agent or  lift purchases) we are very comfortable talking with Michael, who has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the industry. For someone that I know is very busy, he is so helpful and supportive and very well priced in the market.

In a nutshell, choosing TFM will be the best decision you have ever made regarding Building Management in Sydney.

Thomas Row (Treasurer)

Having purchased my apartment at 51 Hereford Street, Glebe in November 2014, I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Baird and more recently Merinda White for close to 9 years and for 6 years as Treasurer of Hereford Court Owners Corporation.

Merinda White has proven herself as pro-active and efficient. Her daily dealings with Strata Committee members who are often unacquainted with the legislative structure, the practical aspects of building maintenance and owner liaison, are carried out professionally, reliably and in a timely manner. Merinda is a capable system administrator of our BuildingLink database, through which she monitors and informs newly arrived tenants and owners of their responsibilities under the by-laws.

Inevitably with a building of our size and age, emergencies arise out of hours with Merinda and Michael invariable available to action a response. In short, they are reliable.

Palermo Resident

Love Kenni! He is friendly, helpful and attentive.

Palermo Resident

Thank you for the opportunity to assist, as a tenant and resident we are happy with your services. From what we hear it is more the owners of the units who may have more scope with the service provided. thank you

Palermo Resident

Both my husband and I are happy living in the Palermo Building. Keep up the good work.

Palermo Resident

we find our building manager extremely helpful each time we have needed to contact him

Palermo Resident

Just doing something about the terrible smell near and in the lifts at times. It smells like a sewer.

Palermo Resident

We used to get notified be email when a package has been delivered, now it’s up to us to chase up whether something has arrived (if expecting a package). Please resume this, or at least update the screen outside the bin room – is it still working? I never see it on anymore. Poor response / communication back when an issue has been highlighted or reported. Ermina used to be prompt with return communication / updates and following up issues.